Manual Medicine for the Masses 

Jones Counterstrain III: Cranial 

Course Description:

Jones Counterstrain III covers a system based approach to the evaluation and treatment of cranial, facial, TMJ, and hyoid bone dysfunction. New and powerful techniques have been added to the course that demonstrate the full body affect of each release.


The testing of cranial mobility, cranial landmarks, cranial anatomy, and layered palpation are emphasized to prepare the student for immediate success in the clinics and success in future courses.


If you are struggling with the cranial scan in the Fascial Curriculum, this is the course will dramatically increase you knowledge of the cranium and skill of cranial mobility testing. 


44 new techniques and variation techniques for troublesome patients are presented that include: suture releases, sphenobasilar releases, dural releases, sinus treatments, and treatment for the muscles of mastication.


The easy to apply techniques make this the perfect course for first time cranial students and advanced Counterstrainers alike. 

Course Benefits:

  • Master cranial anatomy, landmarks, and palpation

  • Master the skill of testing cranial mobility

  • Easy releases that have powerful whole body effects

  • Thorough preparation for success in future classes

  • Eliminate false positives within the cranial scan

Prerequisite: JCS I or II

Contact Hours: 20


Course Outline:


  • Cranial evaluation and treatment lab

  • 44 new techniques

  • Principles of treatment sequencing

  • Practice full body scan

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the full body effects of the JCS Cranial approach

  • Perform the JCS cranial evaluation

  • Perform the JCS cranial techniques for common cranial dysfunction

  • Perform the full body scan examination


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