What is Counterstrain?
Counterstrain is an advanced manual therapy technique designed to release protective spasm in all tissues of the human body. Every organ, artery, vein, lymphatic vessel, nerve, muscle, ligament, tendon, and cartilaginous structure can actively contract and produce pain as a protective response to trauma or stress. Through gentle body positioning and tissue manipulation, Counterstrain unloads and decompresses the strained structure, and alleviates the primary source of pain and dysfunction. Learn More...
Jones Counterstrain (JCS) or Strain and Counterstrain (SCS) as developed by Dr. Lawrence Jones and Randall Kusunose PT, OCS, JSCCI is taught in Upper Quarter, Lower Quarter, Cranial, and Facilitated/Review. This 4 course series covers roughly 225 techniques, presents a whole body approach to neuromuscular dysfunction and pain, and prepares each students for certification in Jones Counterstrain. Learn More...

Fascial Counterstrain (FCS) as developed by Brian Tuckey PT, OCS, JSCCI utilizes the general Counterstrain methodology however is an expanded version covering over 900 techniques separated into 6 separate anatomical systems. This growing 11 course series also incorporates a proprietary assessment  method that enables practitioners to instantly identify dysfunctional tissues in all systems of the human body.

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